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Quality Landscaping Products to your Yard
About Yard At A Time

Yard At A Time was started in 1998 here in the Comox Valley.

We deliver quality landscaping supplies to your yard, by the yard - over twenty products to choose from.

We provide a small custom dump truck, uniformed driver, Visa and MasterCard at the door.  We provide prompt service and appointment times.  Our truck won't damage your driveway and can fit in tight spaces.

Our truck is able to haul 1- 6 cubic yards, mulch and compost up to 6 yards, soil and soil mixes up to 4 yards, sand and gravel up to 3 yards per delivery.

Customers can shop from home or office with our online service.

Our services are ideal for many applications:

  • Topping up garden and flower beds,

  • Natural fertilizers for yard and gardens,

  • Installing new gardens, flower beds, planting,

  • Gravel for second driveway or parking spot,

  • Top dressing lawns,

  • Sand for play boxes,

  • Peagravel for playground floor or under slides,

  • Drain rock for perimeter drains and drain tiles,

  • Navy Jack for making your own concrete,

  • Pathway gravel,

  • Gravel for filling in potholes.

Contractors and landscapers can use our services to make quick work on small jobs and finishing up on big jobs

Why pay for more than you need?

Call Yard At A Time Landscape Supplies.


Established 1998
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